Blue Line’s solutions and services range from standard products to customized solutions made specifically to meet your needs.
Blue Line was founded in 1986, and our goal has always been to be at the forefront when it comes to developing and producing IT hardware. Our starting point is always the wishes and demands of our clients and end users. Solutions are created in close cooperation between the client and our dedicated team.

Our focus when producing any of our clients’ products is quality and operational reliability. This is why our procedures are subject to strict ISO quality standards.

Our goal is not only to development and manufacture products but also to use Blue Line’s real strength, which is our ability to listen and understand the situation of our clients. We see possibilities instead of obstacles and create results that both our clients and Blue Line can be proud to call their own.

Blue Line has many years of experience producing tough industrial computers and displays for production, maritime, pharmaceutical and medical use, as well as integrating our products with other machinery and equipment. Our industrial computers are designed to run 24/7. They are in most cases customized to run specific applications as well as survive in critical environments.

IT EveryWhere – IT solutions for demanding environments

Our mission is to build unique and carefully designed IT solutions, made to run in demanding environments. We fulfill this mission by selecting, purchasing, processing and assembling the components with an uncompromising dedication to quality throughout the whole process.

Modular Design

Configure computers and operator panels fully to specific needs in function, finish, and environment.

Workflow Automation and Documentation

Streamline manufacturing processes and documentation.

Works 24/7

Products are designed to run 24/7.

Quality & Reliability

Our focus  is quality and operational reliability

AAA credit rating

Blue Line has the highest credit rating.

ISO 9001:2015

Blue Line’s procedures are subject to strict ISO quality standards.


Blue Line is member of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

Team Members

Here you can meet our team members. Contact us and get your project kick-started today.

Niels Pedersen

CEO / Partner
Phone +45 8736 8722 
Mobile +45 2040 5522

Jørgen Rübner

R&D Manager / Partner
Phone +45 8736 8721 
Mobile +45 4045 8721