Reliable Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry

Blue Line’s hygienic solutions are perfectly suited for use in the food processing industry. Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing, quality assurance or for managing production, our solutions guarantee absolute reliability.

Designed to optimize workflow
When deployed on plant floors and production equipment, our computers and operator panels must be able to withstand hot or cold temperatures, food debris and daily wash-downs. This explains why design and quality are critical.

Will a thin client or PC be the best fit the application? Is a traditional network cable acceptable or will wireless communication be more beneficial? If needed, what is the best input method: touchscreen, keyboard, barcode scanner, or a combination of these? What size screen will be large enough to suit the needs, but small enough for tight spaces?

Blue Line’s flexible product concept makes it possible to configure computers and operator panels fully to specific needs concerning the function, finish, and environment.

Easy to use
With a touch screen up to 21,5”, operators can easily enter and retrieve data, even when wearing gloves. The touch is protected by a hardened glass plate and is easy to clean. The bright display offers comfortable working conditions due to its ergonomically optimized screen resolution.

Blue Line’s waterproof computers and operator panels has numerous interfaces for integration into your company’s IT landscape. Peripheral devices like barcode scanners, label printers or scales can easily be connected.

Withstands tough environments
Blue Line’s stainless steel construction is necessary to satisfy food safety requirements. Stainless steel’s anti-corrosive properties allow for extensive water contact in cleaning procedures. They can be completely cleaned whether using high pressure or strong disinfectants.

The cabinets are consciously designed with smooth surface, slanted sides and rounded edges, as well as smooth partitions, so that fluids – for example, water that has been spilled on the screen – drip off. Slanted sides and rounded edges also means that products are easy to clean, even in the corners. Combined with airtight joints and high-quality steel, the solutions are perfect for food and beverage processing.

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Hygienic conditions are the cornerstone for the food and beverage industry. Blue Line enables you to optimize the workflow as well as safety & comfort, and security

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