Reliable Solutions for Life Science Industry

The strength of Blue Line’s Life Science solutions is found in the details
Blue Line’s standard are so high that our products can be used in cleanroom grade A, B, C and D, thus making it possible to service processes, machines and read and write data in environments where it was not previously possible to use IT. This provides the opportunity to optimize production with, for example, manufacturing execution systems.

Blue Line’s products are found in both standard and build-to-order solutions produced from the ground up according to customer requirements. Many options can be integrated and Blue Line’s solutions can be adjusted to suit specific needs in IT, automation, environment and quality.

The smooth surface and the slanted sides keeps bacteria and fluids away
The cabinets are consciously designed with slanted sides and rounded edges, as well as smooth partitions, so that fluids – for example, water that has been spilled on the screen or the keyboard – drip off. Slanted sides and rounded edges also means that products are easy to clean, even in the corners. Combined with airtight joints and high-quality steel, the solutions are perfect for sterile environments.

High-quality stainless steel resists tough cleaning detergents, including VHP treatment
Blue Line’s life science series are all crafted from AISI 316 acid-resistant stainless steel (optional AISI 304) in order to make them extra cleaningfriendly and able to resist tough detergents. The products can stand up to water, ethanol and VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) treatment, which removes all forms of microbial life.

Touchscreen works with up to 3 layers of gloves or without gloves
Our Life Science solutions come with a touch screen designed for use with up to three layers of gloves or without gloves. The ‘touch’ is protected by a hardened glass plate and is easy to clean. Having a touch function is a simple, easy way to optimize your workflow.

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Environmental conditions and regulatory requirements are the cornerstone for the life science industry. Blue Line enables you to optimize the workflow as well as safety & comfort, and security.

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