19" Operator Touch Panel with Keyboard

• Robust fully welded sealed enclosure
• Stainless steel AISI 316 that withstands tough cleaning as VHP and ethanol
• 19“ TFT display projected capacitive touch
• Can be operated with up to 3 layers of gloves
• Monitor or with a build-in PC / client
• Adjustable and cleanable, sterile keyboard
• Flexible mounting for wall, pipe, pole, feet etc.
• Connects to 24 VDC or 90-240 VAC. Option for 12 VDC
• Option for integrated barcode reader
• Option for USB and serial ports

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Blue Line 19” Operator Panels are an elegant and flexible product line that is designed to meet the requirements in life science industries, where hygienic conditions are the cornerstone as well as personnel safety & comfort, and security. Blue Line enables you to optimize the workflow.

Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing, quality assurance or for controlling production, they guarantee absolute reliability.

All operator panels can be delivered as a monitor or as an all-in-one unit with build‐in PC or client. With a 19” touch screen, operators can easily enter and retrieve data, even when wearing gloves. The bright display offers comfortable working conditions due to its ergonomically optimized screen.

This model includes an easy cleanable, and adjustable sterile keyboard that supports easy data processing. The flexible concept also offers a broad selection of input/output such as USB, LAN, RS‐232 and more.

Blue Line Operator Panel series includes a wide range of mounting solutions ranging from in‐wall, on‐wall, stand, pipe floor to ceiling mounting as well as customer specific designs, e.g. integration in machines.

The cabinets are consciously designed with slanted sides and rounded edges, as well as smooth partitions, so that fluids – for example, water that has been spilled on the screen or the keyboard – slides off. Rounded edges also mean that the products are easy to clean, even in the corners. Combined with airtight joints and high‐quality steel, the solutions are perfect for sterile environments.

Blue Line’s solutions are high quality, reliable, secure, efficient and compliant to all environments in the life science industries enabling you to optimize manufacturing and workflow.

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