Flat Bezel Stainless Steel Panel PC

• Stainless steel
• IP69K high pressure proof
• 15“ touch
• Integrated PC
• Intel Celeron

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Blue Line Flat Bezel Stainless Steel Panel PC is designed to industries, where hygienic conditions are the cornerstone as well as personnel safety & comfort, and security. Blue Line enables you to optimize the workflow.

Our hygienic solutions are perfectly suited for use in the food processing, chemical and life science industries. Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing, quality assurance or for controlling production, they guarantee absolute reliability.

Blue Line’s Flat Bezel solution is a combination of a completely flat front bezel and a robust design. With an integrated PC and touch screen, operators can easily enter and retrieve data.

The construction is stainless steel in a robust and fully sealed housing that are IP65 dust and waterproof as well as IP69K high pressure proof.

Blue Line’s solutions are high quality, reliable, secure, efficient and compliant to all environments in the food & beverage, chemical and life science industries enabling you to optimize manufacturing and workflow.

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