Reference - Global Pharmaceutical Company

Blue Line supplies Life Science solutions to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals – with factories in Europe, North & South America and Asia

Global pharmaceutical Company

Blue Line supplies CleanRoomIT to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals –with factories in Europe, South America and Asia.

Blue Line’s customers include an international manufacturer with over 30,000 employees, global production in more than 70 countries and sales in more than 170 countries.

Blue Line supplies operator panels for optimized pharmaceutical production in Europe, South America and Asia.

In a partnership with our customer, we have adapted our products so they fulfil all requirements in regard to IT, automation, environment and quality. Blue Line have more than 30 years of experience developing and producing hardware

This is what makes us the perfect partner for bringing your hardware ideas to life. We believe that when it comes to IT solutions, the key to developing a successful product is to determine the basis of the project right from the start.

To make sure we do this in the most efficient matter, we base our workflow on a well-documented model, which guarantees that you get the most ideal solutions in every phase – from the product inception to completion.

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