Reliable Solutions for Life Science Industry

Blue Line’s sterile solutions are perfectly suited for the life science industry, which is subject to environmental conditions and regulatory requirements. You will gain access to products that are easy to use, integrate, and clean in your specific environment. This optimises the workflow as well as safety, comfort, and security.

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Explosion Proof Products for Oil and Gas Industry

Blue Line is your choice of partner when it comes to HMIs/panel PCs for explosion protection in the oil and gas industry. We offer ATEX/Ex products that are able to withstand a great number of harsh conditions – this could be hot and cold temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

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Hygienic Solutions for Food Processing

Blue Line’s hygienic solutions are perfectly suited for food processing with products being easy to clean, use, and integrate. Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing, quality assurance, or for managing production, our solutions guarantee absolute reliability.

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Chemical Industry - Explosion Proof Products

With our series of ATEX/Ex products, Blue Line has specialised in explosion protection in the chemical industry. Our HMIs/Panel PCs can withstand harsh conditions such as high or extreme temperatures as well as inhospitable atmospheres.

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Mature high-quality products with a well-proven record. The design and construction make it easy to handle and maintain the products, leading to less repair and errors, ultimately reducing your costs. Acquire the same products for up to five years.

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With a screen size up to 24", operators can use up to three gloves or no gloves with a touch screen that is protected by a hardened glass plate. A keyboard can be integrated. No moving parts means that products have a low failure rate.

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Slanted sides, rounded edges, and smooth surfaces, make it easy to clean products. Spilled fluid drips off. Products resist tough cleaning detergents, including IPA and VHP treatment, as well as high pressure cleaning.

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Blue Line’s flexible product concept makes it possible to configure computers and operator panels to fit your environment. Mount to wall or machine, wall mount with keyboard, mount with tube, or install an in-wall HMI.

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New IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC

Blue Line HMI Operator Touch PC is available in the 3rd generation. An elegant and flexible product line that is designed to meet the requirements in industries, where hygienic conditions are the cornerstone as well as personnel safety, comfort, and security. Blue Line enables you to optimise the workflow.


Modular Design

Blue Line’s modular design makes it possible to configure HMIs, monitors, and computers fully to specific needs in functionality, finish, and environment.
Choose between different variants on the basis of casing, size, input, communication, and mounting.