Blue Line creates reliable sterile and hygienic solutions for demanding environments 

Since 1986, Blue Line has delivered reliable IT solutions for clients internationally – from compact to high performing solutions based on the optimal technology for our clients’ needs. Blue Line’s clients operate within industries such as food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, maritime etc.


Products are designed to run 24/7, have a long durability, a great ruggedness, and are easy to clean. Specifically, we offer solutions within HMI Operator Touch PCs, HMI Operator Touch PCs – Panel Mount, HMI Operator Touch PCs with keyboard, Operator Stations, HMI Operator Touch MonitorsWaterproof PCs, and Keyboards and Mouse.

A committed partner

In choosing Blue Line as your partner, you will access great know-how and commitment. We work closely with our clients to select the optimal hardware as well as construction and combination of components – also, when the challenge is big. We take responsibility for providing value-added dialogue and a good service in all phases of the co-operation. Take a look at our vision, mission and values.

To ensure the best quality in all phases of co-operation, all of our processes are documented according to ISO standards, just as we hold an AAA credit rating and is a member of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group.

IT EveryWhere – IT solutions for Demanding Environments


Blue Line builds unique and reliable IT solutions for demanding environments by selecting, purchasing, processing, and combining components with an uncompromising dedication to quality in all phases.


Our work takes a starting point in the three values of listening, thinking, and creating. This means that we strive to listen and understand the client’s situation and market, to see solutions instead of problems, and create results that both the client and Blue Line are proud of.


Listening is about understanding the client’s wishes and true needs, and is also about listening to colleagues and understanding each others’ starting point, professionally and socially. We therefore seek to create a welcoming environment with respect for our clients, the company, and employees – an environment in which everyone feels a natural responsibility towards the entirety.


We strive to be an inspiring place that forms the basis of thinking in new ways regarding product development, client relations, and the co-operation between colleagues. We want to create an environment, in which good ideas thrive.


Blue Line’s mission is to create value and satisfaction for our clients. We do this by listening and thinking. This is the starting point for all of our actions. Through this, we create solutions of quality. Quality in developing products. Quality in developing client relations. And quality in the co-operation between colleagues.

Modular Design

Configure computers and operator panels fully to specific needs in functionality, finish, and environment.

Workflow Automation and Documentation

Streamline manufacturing processes and documentation.

Works 24/7

Products are designed to run 24/7.

Quality & Reliability

Our focus  is quality and operational reliability.

AAA credit rating

Blue Line has the highest credit rating.

ISO 9001:2015

Blue Line’s procedures are subject to strict ISO quality standards.

Blue Line is a reliable manufacturer of industrial IT for demanding environments, who holds more certifications.

Team Members

Here you can meet our team members. Contact us and get your project kick-started today.

 Niels Pedersen

CEO / Partner 
Phone +45 8736 8722 
Mobile +45 2040 5522
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Jørgen Rübner

R&D Manager / Partner 
Phone +45 8736 8721 
Mobile +45 4045 8721 
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Michael Asmussen

Business Development Manager 
Mobile +353 860798070 
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