ATEX stands for Atmosphere Explosible and is the European certificate for equipment used in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres. A number of European directives, guidelines, and standards exist that are to be followed by manufacturers and plant operators operating in hazardous areas with explosion risk.

Blue Line’s Ex product series are certified for ATEX, zone 2 areas. See definition of this zone below. In addition, our series live up to the standards of IECEx, and C1D2, explosion group IIC.

Definition of ATEX zones (Blue Line is certified for Ex zone 2)

Ex zone 0: explosive atmosphere is present frequently, continuously, or for long periods (>1000hours/year)

Ex zone 1: explosive atmosphere occurs in normal operation occasionally (less than <1000 hours/year)

Ex zone 2: explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur, will persist for a short period only (less than 10 hours/year)