Update: Blue Line wins export award!


Photos: Morten la Cour Dragheim

Yesterday, the winner among three nominees for the export award Vitus was announced at Danish Export Day 2018. We’re super proud to announce that the chosen winner is Blue Line! Our CEO/Partner Niels and R&D Manager/Partner Jørgen were handed the award by the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/The Trade Council.

The announcement of Blue Line as the official winner was especially reasoned with the company’s ability to transform ideas into concrete results for our clients. We’re happy that this was emphasised in that our focus on having a close dialogue with clients and business partners is our approach in all business processes. In addition to this, Blue Line’s scaling to other countries and the acquisition of orders and new clients were also mentioned as reasons.

During the event, Niels also participated in a panel discussion, sharing Blue Line’s experiences with kickstarting export to new markets.

Below, you can read our former news related to the nomination:


We’re proud to be nominated for the export award Vitus through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.  Vitus is an elite programme that helps small and medium-sized Danish companies kickstart their export and gain a foothold on particular foreign markets within a year.

During Blue Line’s participation in the programme, the company has won significant orders in the UK, Ireland, China, and China, just as we have identified strategic projects with a potentially larger order value. The growth has led to the establishment of an office in Ireland that also serves UK and Benelux.  

”With the VITUS programme, Blue Line’s development has gathered more speed than expected. In the beginning, it was a long and hard road with a lot of considerations and initial market analyses. The first interviews in the market provided us with valuable knowledge, but no meetings with clients. The embassy in Dublin has really created a breakthrough to the market with numerous meetings. This worked, and the result has been more significant orders and projects in the pipeline. This effort is now having an effect on our activities in other countries with meetings and orders,” says CEO at Blue Line, Niels Pedersen.