Blue Line’s solutions meet the highest hygienic and safety requirements and are perfectly suited for the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

Food and Beverage

Hygienic conditions are critical for the Food and Beverage industry. Whether used for uninterrupted traceability, formula checking, weighing, quality assurance or for managing production, Blue Line’s solutions guarantee absolute reliability enabling you to streamline manufacturing processes.

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In the chemical industry that produces industrial chemicals, electrical equipment, and hardware must retain its functionality even in very harsh conditions. Chemicals also pose the danger of explosions, requiring electrical equipment to meet high safety requirements. Blue Line’s Ex series of HMIs/Panel PCs ensures absolute reliability and safety.

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Life Science

Environmental conditions and regulatory requirements are the cornerstone for the Life Science industry. Blue Line’s solutions are high quality, reliable, secure, efficient and compliant to all environments in Life Science industries enabling you to optimize manufacturing and workflow.

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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry makes up an extremely hazardous environment with dangers e.g. posed by flammable substances such as gas, vapor, dust, or liquid. Blue Line’s series of explosion proof HMIs/panel PCs being especially designed for the oil and gas industry are reliable and guarantee absolute safety.

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