Reliable Solutions for Life Science Industry

Blue Line’s sterile solutions are perfectly suited for the life science industry, which is subject to environmental conditions and regulatory requirements. In choosing Blue Line as your co- operation partner, you will gain access to products that are easy to use, integrate, and clean in your specific environment. This optimises the workflow as well as safety, comfort, and security. Achieve a competitive solution with our quality products.


Blue Line’s product line is compliant with all regulatory requirements. Designed to meet the EU CGMP classification for all cleanroom grades A-B-C-D and ISO 14644-1 class 5 to 8, you will optimise workflow, traceability, and documentation in all phases of production and packing.

Easy to use and integrate

Operators can use up to three layers of gloves or no gloves on Blue Line’s solutions with a touch screen designed for this purpose. The solution is protected by a hardened glass plate. Having a touch function is a simple and easy way to optimise your workflow.

Easily integrate our modular solutions into your production environment, whether mounting to wall, machine, or ceiling. Also, the compact design requires less space in your cleanroom. Due to Blue Line’s flexible product concept, we are able to configure computers and operator panels fully to your specific needs concerning functionality, finish, and environment.

Easy to clean. Resistance to tough cleaning detergents

The cabinets are consciously designed with slanted sides, rounded edges, and no moving parts, as well as smooth surfaces, so that fluid – for example, water that has been spilled on the screen or the keyboard – drips off. This also means that products are easy to clean, even in the corners. Solutions are crafted from AISI 304 or AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel, making products extra cleaning-friendly and able to resist tough detergents. The products can withstand water, ethanol, and VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) treatment, which removes all forms of microbial life.

Combined with airtight joints and high-quality steel, this results in an extremely low failure rate.

Blue Line – the competitive choice: Low failure rate and long- term support
Ensuring quality is a key focus for Blue Line. At the same time, we understand your needs for cost optimisation. Our design and construction principles make it easy to handle and maintain the products, which leads to less repair and errors, ultimately reducing your costs. Also, you can acquire the same products for up to five years, ensuring a long- term support. By choosing Blue Line as your co-operation partner, you achieve a competitive and long lasting solution.

Ex products for pharmaceutical industries with explosion atmospheres

Blue Line’s explosion proof products have been specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry, including cleanrooms, where electrical equipment/hardware and operations are subject to strict safety requirements. Our series of explosion proof HMIs/panel PCs for the explosion protection area in the pharmaceutical industry live up to the highest hygienic and safety standards, passing Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2), ATEX Zone 2/IECEx certificate. Therefore, products are safe to be utilised in your hazardous pharmaceutical area.  With an IP66 dust and waterproof enclosure, products are highly cleaning-friendly and are able to resist tough detergents.

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Environmental conditions and regulatory requirements are the cornerstone for the life science industry. Blue Line enables you to optimise the workflow as well as safety & comfort, and security.

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